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Escape VIP Tables & Bottle Service

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There is no better booking to be made for any Amsterdam stag do than the exclusive Escape VIP Tables & Bottle Service reservation. Escape Amsterdam is undeniably one of the hottest spots in the city to celebrate a stag do and we’re sure you know it! We’re offering you exclusive booking privileges to make reservations for the Escape VIP Tables & Bottle Service experience and we urge you to take it now or else you’re going to regret it!

Amsterdam is continuously growing more popular for stag do celebrations and the Escape lounge is getting harder to book. But, because we are the most widely connected Amsterdam stag do professionals, making your Escape VIP Tables & Bottle Service reservation is just a phone call away. We never disappoint our clients and we have absolutely no intentions of starting with you. 

Sure, getting into the hottest club in the city is probably going to be costly but think about it this way. You will most likely end up spending even more if you choose to book the Escape VIP Tables & Bottle Service on your own and at a time closer to your scheduled dates. 

We’ve been doing this for years and you can trust that our stag do ideas and offers are the best you will find in the city! There is no reason to put the decision off until later!

Book your Escape VIP Tables & Bottle Service experience today and you and the lads can thank us later!


Nightclub Tickets

Reserved table

Bottle of spirits

Soft Drinks


4 hrs


£ 184 per person

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