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Did you really think you were going to plan a stag do in the stag party capital of the world without signing up for the best airsoft in Amsterdam? I’m sorry, but that is simply not happening!

You know it, your stag knows it, heck, even your wives and girl friends know it. You guys deserve nothing short of the ultimate Amsterdam stag do experience and the only way to do that is by working with the city’s stag party professionals. And yes, that would be us!

We enjoy putting stag activities so much that we made sure that every single one of our clients leaves satisfied and wanting more. We don’t do mediocre, we don’t settle for so-so, we go all out and we’re telling you that without the best airsoft in Amsterdam, your stag do is going to be a flop. 

You have to trust us. We’ve been in the stag party business for ages and we know exactly what we’re doing. You might think that there are better things to do, more alcohol to drink, swankier limousines to hire and you may be right but, doing all the bookings and making all the arrangements on your own isn’t going to do the trick. 

Without us, your stag do could be very disappointing especially if you don’t kick it off with the best airsoft in Amsterdam.


Safety Equipment


3 hour play time

500 pellets


3 hrs


£ 55 per person

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