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Amsterdam Segway Tour

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This tour is offered during the months of good weather and certainly comes complete with all equipment, a guide and instruction as well as Segway rentals.  You will love this two and a half activity for your weekend stag party to do list.  The activity is three hours but feels like it goes by in a flash.  We guarantee you’ve never been on a tour like this before.  It’s one thing to tour a location in a rented bus with stuffy air, and it’s a whole other experience to do it on a Segway.  It’s exhilarating and you are able to see things you’d never be able to see on a bus. Don’t worry if you’ve never ridden a Segway before- you can pick up the skill very easily with the trained and skilled guide that will help you every step of the way.

This is by far one of our favorite activities.  It’s a unique way to see the world around you and be part of the experience instead of just watching it pass by.  On a Segway you are able to experience vibrant parts of the city.  You can feel the breeze, feel the sunshine and smell the fresh air (not to mention the thrill of riding a Segway).  The tour will hit all of the highlights you’ve wanted to see and will cover natural, historical, cultural and culinary sites that you won’t want to miss.  The guides are engaging, knowledgeable, laid back and fun. They are skilled and are sure to be your favorite guides in no time.  This is the perfect way to see a new place and kick back and relax while also doing something fun.  There are so many beautiful things to see and do in this city.  We want you to have a first class experience and see things that you may not other wise see on your own.  Escape with us off the beaten path.  You’ll be so glad you did.  And your stag group will thank you too.


1 hour tour with professional guide

Safety instructions

All terrain segway


2.5 hrs


£ 107 per person

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