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Argentinian Meal & Welcome Drink

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If there is anything that every Amsterdam stag weekend party needs, it’s fantastic company and amazing food.  This is a meal that will leave you wanting more.  It is a meal that will bring your group together as you bond over drinks and delicious food.  This meal is a cultural blending of Indigenous and Mediterranean influences that showcases the amazing cuisine of the Argentine people.

The people in Argentina have long had a reputation for their love of eating and making meals that create lasting memories.  Their social gatherings are always centered around their amazing cuisine as they share meals with those they love.  This meal will bring together your friends and will not only fill you up emotionally, but physically as well.  Come and taste some of the most famous Argentine dishes that are always served for special occasions and in honor of someone special.  There is something for everyone on the menu and even the most particular palate will melt with the delicious flavor combinations of the food.  The food has maintained the long-standing tradition of being prepared locally by the most talented hands.  This meal will certainly maintain the Argentine tradition of using food as a way to show affection for those you love.

You will not be disappointed in this meal.  It also comes with a welcome drink to lower inhibitions and bring the group together.  Your Amsterdam stag weekend will not be complete without this meal that will surely be remembered as one of the highlights of the whole trip.



Main course meal and 1 drink per person (beer, wine or soft drinks)


2 hrs


£ 43 per person

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