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Bubble Football

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No awesome stag weekend is complete without a game of bubble football with your crew.  This is easily one of the most delightful day activities we offer that will give your group hours of fun, laughing and hilarity.  It’s a great way to make memories that will last a lifetime and spend some time doing something fun, relaxing and competitive.  Even your most skilled and competitive football players are going to have a run for their money with this version.  It’s pretty much a game that resembles standard five-per-side football with one delicious catch:  each player is encased in a giant bubble ball, which puts a whole lot of fun and laughs into the traditional sport.  This game will end up being a lot more about having fun than it is skill level.  It’s easy to see why bubble football has been gaining popularity all over the world.  This is easily one of the most enjoyable ways to spend an afternoon with your group.

We would like to see even the most skilled players run around in a giant inflatable ball and bounce off each other and fall down.  It’s fun, it’s challenging, and it’s sure to keep you laughing.  If you really want to take this game up a notch or two and add to the fun, we suggest you take a shot or two before you start playing.  In fact, we dare you.  Chances are that will really add to your game and keep everyone rolling in stitches as they watch you try to maneuver yourself down the court in a big, giant ball while a little schnockered.  Trust us, this is an activity that your group will talk about for years to come.  It is a must for any amazing stag weekend to-do list.



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