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Canal Strip Boat

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If there is anything Amsterdam is known for it is its ability to take calm, serene beauty and iconic architecture and roll it up with a little bit of sexy naughty fun that will give you a canal tour that’s hot, titillating and unforgettable.  It’s one thing to take your friends on a canal ride around the city to see some of the most popular sites.  It’s a whole other thing entirely to do it on the canal strip boat.  Hang on to your hats fellas; things just got a whole lot more interesting.  This is the ultimate stag weekend tour that you and your friends will not want to miss.  You will have the opportunity to soak up the traditional historic sites that everyone is talking about, but we aim to bring a little bit of sultry spice to the event.

You and your group will have the opportunity to board a private boat for this hour and a half long event.  We will make sure you are covered with unlimited drinks to help get the party started and help everyone relax.  Then, once you are ready to go, let the fun begin!  You will be able to see first hand the most amazing historical sites around while you have a sexy, fun; delicious stripper putting on an incredible show and making sure their attention is solely on you. 

This is a show that will not leave you feeling disappointed.  We want the guests of honor to know just how wanted they are.  These performers will leave you wanting more.  We promise.  They are some of the sexiest dancers in all of Europe.  Trust us- you haven’t experienced the Amsterdam canals like this and it’s a party you won’t want to miss.  Bring your crew and settle in- this is about to blow your mind.



Private canal boat tour


Unlimited drinks (beer, wine & soft drinks)

Skipper and Host

90 minute boat cruise


1,5 hrs


£ 82 per person

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