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Get ready for some crazy, smashy fun with your Amsterdam stag weekend crew and come and participate in an epic car smash.  This is a fun activity for any weekend stag party do and your crew will be laughing for hours.  This is an activity unlike any other and may be unconventional, but will provide you with fond memories for years to come.  Whether you’ve got some pent up aggression or just want to destroy something this is the activity for you and your group.

Long heralded as the best anger management activity of all time, we just like to think it’s fun to take a sledgehammer or bad and beat the crap out of something.  When in your life are you allowed to completely annihilate something without fear of consequence?  The car smash is a fantastic way to work through some emotions, burn off some energy or just unwind and de-stress.  You will be in a safe and closed environment with a guide who is experienced and knows what to do to make sure this activity goes off without a hitch.  You will be given full protective gear before you start to keep yourself safe and protected.  Your safety is of utmost importance.  You will also be given a variety of tools and weapons to choose from to make sure your car smash is an unique as you are.  If you want a sledgehammer, we’ve got one.  If you want a baseball bat- you can try that too.  Some guys swear by a golf club.  You’ll just have to try all three and see which one you like the best.  Trust us, this is an activity that you’ll be glad you did.

Come give the car smash a try.  You will never realize how much you wanted to completely bash something in before and you will be amazed at how cathartic and fun it is.  Since this activity was started years ago, it has quickly become a crowd favorite and one that is on every Amsterdam stag to-do list.



1 Car per 9 persons

Car to smash

Safety Equipment

Safety instructions

Weapons to Destroy the Car



1,5 hrs


Closed on Sunday


£ 53 per person

Contacts details

Group information