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Coffee shop tour

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This is a coffee shop tour you will not want to miss on your Amsterdam Stag Weekend.  This tour has nothing to do with coffee and everything to do with providing you and your stag party group the sort of relaxing fun that has made Amsterdam so famous in the first place.  There is so much to learn about the history and traditions that have made these coffee shops world renown for generations now. 

Marijuana has gotten its early start in this historic city that is lined with historical canals and some of the best coffee shops in the world.  Certainly not an activity for those under the age of eighteen but an experience in and of itself that will prove exciting and educational.   The regulations surrounding bud have long been debated but this tour will help you understand the history behind these coffee shops and what really goes on behind closed doors. 

Amsterdam has long since been a pioneer for open regulation of the green stuff.  Cannabis tourism is a huge part of the city’s history and thriving economy and it’s clear to see why.   You can get a first hand introduction to some of Amsterdam’s oldest and most iconic coffee shops that are bursting with secrets. You can sit back and totally relax on this tour and see what the laidback coffee shop experience is all about. 

You can also pair this delightful coffee shop tour with an ever popular food tour that allows to you taste samples of some of the most popular Dutch cuisine that the city has to offer.  Other tours take a turn down the red light district to showcase some of the erotic fun that the city can offer as well.  This tour can be exactly what you want it to be for you and your stag group.  This is a weekend stag party that won’t soon be forgotten.


English Speaking Guide

One soft drink

Weed or Hash Samples


3 hrs


£ 38 per person

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