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Escape Room

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A must do activity while you are in Amsterdam for your stag weekend, the escape room is a chilling and adrenaline rushing game that will have every member of your group wondering how they are going to get out.  It’s an exciting escape game where you and your group can solve the riddles and puzzles that are presented in this physical adventure game that will have your team working together and bonding over the objectives at hand that need to be completed.

You will need to race the clock and use your best strategy to figure out what’s going on and where to go next.  You’ll be given some clues and hints along the way to help you in your quest to escape.  You need to unveil the secret plot before you run out of time and get stuck in that room forever.

Each room is themed and has a unique storyline that engages the players through their environment for breathtaking suspense and fun that will make memories for a lifetime.  Put on your best problem-solving hat and come see if you dare enter one of these rooms.  You will have to search for hidden compartments, clues and secret passageways to plot your escape.  Teamwork will be essential for your successful escape and this activity is one that will draw your whole group together. 

You are guaranteed laughter and a great time with your friends.  When you are done, you will feel relieved and a great sense of accomplishment- assuming you are successful that is.  Come give this escape room a try.  You’ll gain a new appreciation and respect for your group and this activity will be remembered for a lifetime and will be talked about in years to come.



Quest Game

Instructions and Briefing

60 Minutes Quest Time


1.5 hrs


Maximum 6 people in one quest


£ 34 per person

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