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Fire Breathing Workshop

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What could be better for any Amsterdam Stag weekend itinerary than learning how to breathe fire? This is certainly not an activity for the faint of heart- but it’s one you won’t regret doing.  Come and learn the inside secrets to being a fire breathing expert.  Pyro-technics are some of the most exciting and heart-pounding activities in existence and this fire-breathing workshop will not disappoint.  

An expert professional fire breather that has mastered their craft and want to teach you the insider secrets of being an expert fire breather will lead you and your group.  You will learn all about the correct amounts of fuels to use and which types to use so that you can unleash the most amazing fire show you can even imagine.  You can feel secure in the fact that your expert guide is concerned for your safety and will walk you through the workshop and teach you technique, and the needed confidence, focus and skills to become an amazing fire breather. 

This will no doubt get your blood pumping and the adrenaline rushing.  If you want to learn performance combustion first hand, then you will not want to miss this activity.  You’ll learn everything you need to know to become a fire-breather almost effortlessly.  By the end of the workshop you’ll be breathing fire like a pro and you’ll be able to impress everyone in your group.


1 hour workshop

Safety instructions

Qualified instructor

Practice session with water

Real fire breathing at the end


1 hrs


£ 44 per person

Contacts details

Group information