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Mud/Oil Wrestling

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Having an epic stag do in Amsterdam has everything to do with the kind of stag activities that you book for the weekend and we all know that the best stag do ideas have to do with babes in bikinis. If you agree with us then the Mud/Oil Wrestling activity is one of the stag do ideas that belong on your list of things to do on an Amsterdam stag weekend!

Give your stag the party of his life when you book an epic and unforgettable Mud/Oil Wrestling experience made just for him! The Mud/Oil Wrestling experience is both a show and an interactive activity. That means that on the first round of the Mud/Oil Wrestling activity for your stag do in Amsterdam, you and the lads will have the pleasure of watching two of the hottest babes in the city wrestle with each other! As they wrestle in the pool of mud or oil, who knows just how long their clothes will stay on their sexy and wet bodies?

Find out what it’s like to be in a slippery pool with two hot and sexy strippers when you book the Mud/Oil Wrestling experience for the much awaited stag do in Amsterdam that you and the lads are planning! You’ll be surprised at how good these strippers are when it comes to wrestling so your stag will have to put up a good fight! 

So, if you and the lads are trying to plan a stag do that’s epic, insanely unforgettable, interactive, and one of a kind, then you’ve found the perfect stag do activity to book! Make sure that your lad comes in clothes that he doesn’t mind getting spoiled. And if you guys are true friends, you’ll take it upon yourselves to bring him an extra set of clothes to change in for after the Mud/Oil Wrestling event for his stag do!

If you like the idea of the Mud/Oil Wrestling and you’re looking for even more stag activities to book for the Amsterdam stag do, all you have to do is ask and we’ll help you out!


Private venue hire

Pool filled with oil

Two naked girls

1 Beer each

15-20 minutes of wrestling


1 hrs


£ 87 per person

Contacts details

Group information