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Paintball 100 balls (Outdoor)

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very Amsterdam Stag weekend needs a rousing game of paintball.  Where it’s legally ok to shoot your friends.  This is an activity that you will not want to miss, that comes compete with 100 balls of shooting pleasure.  This is a game is played on big natural fields that will take into account the field variations that will make your game exciting and will leave you wanting more. 

There are some naturally built bunkers and obstacles in the groomed, flat field surface that will leave your team laughing for hours. 

The battlefield is huge and has so many different game variations; you won’t get bored ever. Let your sense of adventure fly while you strategize on how to nail the opposite team without warning.  You can open fire as quickly and as often as you want.  Your Amsterdam stag party will love the extensive movement that is essential for any game of paintball to be effective.

You can rest assured that we will have space for everyone of all levels to play safely, effectively and at their own pace.  Whether someone in your group is a novice and has no idea how to play, or if you are all seasoned professionals, there is a space for every person and every skill level. The fields are designed for any type of play you can possibly imagine and there is a scenario that appeases every group and every personality.

You will not be disappointed and your Amsterdam stag weekend crew will thank you for this event.  You will be able to make memories with each other that will last a lifetime.


100 Paintballs



Protective mask & clothing

Bunny suit for the stag


2 hrs


£ 34 per person

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