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Paintball 300 balls with BBQ

First slide

f you love to run around and hunt your friends and if you love delicious BBQ then you are in for a real treat.  This Amsterdam Stag weekend party activity is one of the favorites of all those who participate.

You can rest assured that we will have space for everyone of all levels to play safely, effectively and at their own pace.  Whether someone in your group is a novice and has no idea how to play, or if you are all seasoned professionals, there is a space for every person and every skill level. The fields are designed for strategy play and scenario play and for every type of play in between. 

You will not be disappointed and your Amsterdam stag weekend crew will thank you for this event.  You will be able to make memories with each other that will last a lifetime. This is one of the most physically demanding but fun activities on the list.  You can sneak around to attack when no one is watching or if you are really brave-you can head straight into the wide-open space and wait for your opponents.  This game has so many variations and will keep you busy and engaged for hours.

Once you and your group have worked up an amazing appetite, you will finish off the activity with an amazing assortments of BBQ must haves!  There is nothing better then finishing off a fun activity with the people you care about and then sitting down to a delicious meal and bread breaking with those you are closest to. This is the ultimate way to celebrate a weekend stag party.  You will be so glad you chose this activity for your event.



300 Paintballs






2.5 hrs


£ 101 per person

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