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Spa Day

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Out of all the stag activities that we’re sure you’ve read about and heard of, a Spa Day is probably the last thing on your list of things you must do when in Amsterdam. See, here’s the thing. Just because you’re celebrating a stag do in Amsterdam doesn’t mean that you and the lads will be immune to nasty hangovers in the morning and lethargy for the rest of the day. You guys aren’t 18 year olds anymore! Your bodies can only take so much and it’s important that you are all ready for the days ahead of you. Now, a Spa Day is starting to make more sense, isn’t it?

Do what’s right for the Amsterdam stag weekend and book yourselves a Spa Day to relax and recharge. We’re sure that you plan on drinking and partying like crazy on the much awaited stag do in Amsterdam and as much as that seems like a great idea, it won’t seem like one on the next morning. With a Spa Day, you and the lads can take the time to nurse those dreadful hangovers, get yourselves massaged and pampered because you have another long night of stag activities ahead of you!

Taking the time to rest and gather your senses is the best thing you can do for the bodies you’re planning to soak in alcohol! Trust that we’ve chosen the best spas for your Spa Day and that no one will think any less of you for booking one!


Admission to spa



Use of the facilities for 4 hours

1 towel per person


4 hrs


£ 51 per person

Contacts details

Group information