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Whose Line is it Anyway

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This is the ultimate activity for any Amsterdam stag weekend party.  This will keep you and your friends laughing for hours! This activity is totally based on the show we all love so much!  Prepare yourself for over 2 hours of hilarious action that will keep you on your toes, and near wetting your pants from laughing so hard.  There are hundreds of games to choose from, songs to sing, dances to dance and conversations to be totally improvised.  This activity comes complete with a trained and hilarious improv coach that will keep you in stitches with your friends.  Your experience will be the most fun and unique thing you do on your stag do weekend.  You’ll learn all there is to learn about the art of comedy performance.  You will learn once and for all how to be the center of attention at any party with your quick-witted one liners and hilarious jokes that bring down the house every time.

You forgot what it was like to laugh this hard.  It’s an activity that will build bonds and memories between friends for a lifetime.  These are the inside jokes you and your group will be laughing about years from now.  There is so much to do between the warm up games, and different challenges and exercises that are specifically designed to push you to your comedy max.

This will be the highlight of your entire weekend that will remind you of a simpler time when we all sat on the couch during the 90’s and laughed along with our favorite characters on this show as they interacted and continuously brought joy to our faces.  We are going to re-create the magic and this time you and your stag crew get to participate.  Trust us, you will not be disappointed with this stag do activity.  It’s epic.



An experienced improv teacher

Lots of fun & laughter

Rental of theatre venue

Lots of different games / scenes to choose from

Unique 2 hour improvisation workshop focused on marriage/stag


2 hrs


£ 45 per person

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