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Limo Hire with Striptease

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You have literally never been transported like this before.  Imagine the excitement your Amsterdam stag weekend partygoers will feel when they realize that a hot and sexy stripper is getting in the limo with your group.  This is your chance to let your cares fly away and let fantasy take over when you watch her start to remove her clothes and dance in ways you have never imagined.  She will dance, she will sway, she will get you hot and wanting more- we guarantee it. 

You’ve never been in a limo like this before.  We’ll be surprised if you can make it to your destination without feeling pretty spent.  She will wake up your senses with her sensuality.  We have looked long and hard for the hottest girls for this limo ride.  She’s going to get down and dirty and will make you feel things you didn’t think possible.  Trust us, you will be sorely disappointed when the ride is over and you realize she’s not yours forever.

Every Amsterdam stag weekend do should come complete with a limo and a hot and sexy stripper.  You will be so glad you had the opportunity to check out her curves in all the right places.  This will be a ride of a lifetime and one that you and your friends will not soon forget.


Striptease perfomance (12-15 minutes)

1 bottle of Bubbly

Limo Hire for 1 hour

Scenic route of Amsterdam


1 hrs


£ 79 per person

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