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Stag Arrest

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Part of the fun when you come to Amsterdam for a stag weekend party is to put some activities on the itinerary that will get your stag’s heart pumping.  This is one of those activities that will have you laughing years later.  It’s always fun to prank your stag and we can make that happen with an epic stag arrest.  Your stag is going to be scared out of his mind and you are going to laugh the whole time. 

Each of the scenarios can vary, but we can arrange for some cops to show up at your location and brilliantly act their way through some antics before finally your stag ends up in handcuffs to get carted off to jail.  Don’t worry, the end result will be fun and we may even throw in a hot and sexy stripper as a peace offering for your stag.  This will have your whole group laughing and it is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable and funny experiences of the whole trip. 

Don’t pass up on this one.  Your stag could use a little bit of an adrenaline pump.  Scare your bestie and get some epic laughs out of it.  Sounds like a total win-win to us.


Stag Arrest


Strip Show

Venue hire


1 hrs


Actor will arrest stag, stag will be taken to an adjacent room, stripper is waiting to do the show


£ 57 per person

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